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"A People-as-a-Service (PaaS) company that helps small to medium manufacturing, engineering, and software B2B companies to accelerate their growth”

A flexible offering for small to medium businesses

Select the Lead Generation or Customized Growth plan that best fits your business needs.

LinkedIn Lead Gen

Fully managed LinkedIn Lead Generation package for safety-critical B2B company


Leads /month (per account)

LinkedIn Outreach Package:

Email Lead Gen

Fully managed Email Lead Generation package for safety-critical B2B company


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Cold Email Start-up Package:

Custom Growth Plan

Fully customizable PaaS Growth Plan for safety-critical B2B company

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Dedicated Growth Team

Our Business Development & Digital Marketing capabilities

Our capabilities

Lead Generation / Prospecting

Our People as-a-Service offering allows you to quickly deploy a complete prospecting activity to feed your sales team. Our scope includes segmentation, targeting, outreach, and meeting scheduling.

Sales / Distribution

In addition of help you to find ideal prospects interested in your value proposition, we propose our qualified customers to sale and distribute their products & services.

Paid Acquisition Optimization

We create or optimize your company paid acquisition channels. This includes mainly your advertising, referrals, retargeting, affiliation system, and other paid partnerships.

Technical Content Generation

We deploy a full content generation process that allows us to produce high-quality technical articles, posts, podcasts & videos for your business.

Fundraising Consulting

We help you prepare & execute a successful fundraising or exit.  We will introduce you to qualified investors and help you all along the due diligence process.

Save time by hiring a team that understands you!

Our Expertise 

We are Engineers!

Our Engineering knowledge allows us to deliver higher performance for B2B Manufacturers, Service providers, and Software companies addressing safety-critical industries


The Business & Engineering podcast focusing on the Biotech, Pharma and Medical Devices Industry.


The Business & Engineering podcast focusing on Aeronautic, Space and Defense industry.

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Fundraising Consulting 

Growth Audit 

Lead Generation

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The Team

Team-Jeremy Derosier
Jeremy Derosier CEO & Founder
Team-Marcelo Zegarra
Marcelo Zegarra Growth Hacking
Team-Hodaya Moldovano
Hodaya Moldovano Partner

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    We offer a self-managed or fully outsourced Lead Generation service, providing a dedicated team of experts to identify and reach out to your ideal customers, partners, or investors. 

    Our team comprises Industry experts who understand your value proposition and your industry. A dedicated Account manager who is in charge of the service’s performance. 1+ Sales Development Representative(s) in charge of follow-ups, outreach, and meeting scheduling.

    Our Self-managed service includes our battle-tested Lead Generation infrastructure, online onboarding, and pay-as-you-go consulting sessions.

    A Lead or Prospect is:

    • A person that fits the requirements of your ideal customer, investor, partner,…
    • who express interest in learning more about your service/product/offer

    Lead qualification is reviewed monthly with your dedicated account manager.

    Our People-as-a-Service offering allows you to quickly outsource your fundraising or investor outreach process. Our scope includes the creation of a pitch deck and other supporting documents, investor targeting, outreach, meeting scheduling, and due diligence guidance.

    Our service allows us to quickly create or optimize your paid strategy activity. Our scope includes the analysis, strategy, ads creation, campaign management, and conversion optimization, for the different campaigns that we deploy.
    We provide feedback on the optimization of your landing pages through A/B testing or can create those for you.

    Our custom Growth plan is designed for B2B companies that need help with their growth strategy. Whether they need to create a strategy from scratch or require an external opinion to optimize an existing one, we can assist. We act as a Fractional Chief Growth Officer who advises on the most efficient strategy to deploy.

    Our first step is to conduct a growth assessment/audit to understand the current situation and provide growth optimization recommendations.

    We build a tailored Growth plan that includes the services needed for you to reach your Growth objectives according to your budget.


    The Growth Audit and Assessment have the same objective to analyze your B2B business to identify optimization (Growth Hacks) in your Customer Acquisition & Activation process. The topics that we analyze are:

    • Team
    • Value Proposition
    • Customer / Market /Industry
    • The repartition of the Customer Acquisition
    • Outbound outreach
    • Paid acquisition
    • Inbound 
    • Customer Conversion & Sales processes

    The difference between the Audit and the Assessment is the pricing and the depth of the reporting/recommendations.

    The Assessment is completely FREE and last 1 hour while the Audit is a 10-20 hour process that includes a full report.

    Starting a Growth Assessment is completely FREE! From that point, we would be able to provide you feedback on what we believe needs to be optimized in your Customer Acquisition & Activation process.

    We typically tend to deploy the Growth Strategy by focusing first on the outbound / prospecting activity as it allows us to generate quickly new short-term business and to build trust with our customers. Our Custom Growth plan pricing depends on our customer’s value proposition, industry,… We are able to provide a quotation after a 30min call during which we would define the scope of work.

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