Growth Marketing Assessment / Audit

We analyze several key business indicators in order to provide you with a custom Growth Strategy.

"If you’re not sure about your current marketing strategies, need a fresh perspective or are trying to identify areas for improvement, you should definitely request a growth marketing Assessment or a full Audit."

Elodie Lebec

Account Executive

Our Approach 

A proven Growth Strategy!

1- Growth Assessment

We start to analyze your business focusing on the customer acquisition & activation.

2- Custom Growth Strategy

We define a Growth Strategy for your business that we execute for you.

3- Growth Hacking

We provide you a dedicated or part time Growth Hacker to test and find specific hacks.

Our Audit & Assessment process

What we are looking for through this assessment is, firstly, to understand your business: how you generate revenue and what parameters are taken into account in the process. Subsequently, we will provide recommendations of actions and strategies that you should implement to ensure the growth of your business.


We focus the Growth Marketing Assessment & Audit on:

  • Acquisition: How you acquire your customers
  • Activation: How you activate those paying customers

General information:

regarding the company, such as the product or service you offer, YTY growth & revenue, years in business and audience that you target.

Your Team:

how you manage your sales and marketing teams and what the sales process is. In this step, we also need information about your operation.

Current Growth Strategy:

questions related to your outbound, inbound and content strategies, paid advertising, retargeting, referral programs, websites and landing pages.

Your tools:

if you are using a CRM, emailing tool, ads management, billing and invoicing system. How do you use these tools?

Schedule your Assessment!

  • 60 min assessment
  • 100% FREE
  • Receive our Growth recommendations

The Growth Audit and Assessment have the same objective to analyze you B2B business to identify optimization (Growth Hacks) in your Customer Acquisition & Activation process. The topics that we analyse are:

  • Team
  • Value Proposition
  • Customer / Market /Industry
  • The repartition of the Customer Acquisition
  • Outbound outreach
  • Paid acquisition
  • Inbound 
  • Customer Conversion & Sales processes

The difference between the Audit and the Assessment is that the pricing and the dept of the reporting / recommendations.

The Assessment is completly FREE and last 1 hour while the Audit is a 10-20 hours process which include a full report.

Starting a Growth Assessment is completely FREE! From that point we would be able to provide you a feedback on what we believe need to be optimize in your Customer Acquisition & Activation process.

If you wish our team to do a full Growth Audit of your business, we will be able to provide you with a quotation after that first assessment.

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