Paid Acquisition Strategy

We partner with small to medium B2B companies to exponentially grow their business online .

Ads management

Our team would take the lead on your advertising campaign with objectives to improve your ads spendings. The overall strategy is to optimize the ads conversion while minimizing spending through various testing (keywords, channels, CTA,…).


We will set up/ optimize your retargeting campaign using various type of high intend audience (website visitors, linkedin, CRM,…). Retargeting is a really efficient way to increase your lead conversion, returning visitors and to increase the visibility of your brand.

Paid Refferal

Our team can identify referral websites that would be willing to list your product or services for a fee. This channel tend to be extremely efficient as it provides typically the lowest Leal Acquisition Cost.


We can implement or accelerate the deployment of an affiliation network for your products or services. Each affiliate would be able to get a small commission on each sales.

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